Uzbekistan community is in a great need of pioneers and travel teachers. Pioneers - consolidation (particularly children classes) min for 1 year. Travel teachers - at least for 3 months (Please consult CIPTT even if you can only do a short time). For the friends who want to pioneer please be in touch with the NSA of Uzbekistan for arranging a visa and a job. Please take into consideration that living cost here is $100 a month per person and average salary is $20 a month so friends must be ready for that. Doctors, English language teachers, musical teachers have got more opportunities for jobs. In some cities many people can speak Tajik which is very close to the Persian language. There appear to be no passport restrictions. Entry requirements for student visa - passport, letter of administration. Tourist visa can be obtained through a tourist company. Cost 70 US$, period 4 week. Renewable: yes. Baha'i opportunities - women's and youth Activities, dance workshop etc. 

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